Did you see the interview with the Canon Exec.?

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Re: Did you see the interview with the Canon Exec.? Yes, some interesting comments.

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Interesting interview. Looks like 7D II is in no man's land and 70D is still off "in the future".


I had a slightly different take on the interview. He promised that the 70D was coming, but obviously was not in the position to say when. And full frame is where a lot of people think they want to be eventually. The comment about going with the 1/2.3 sensor as the P&S standard was interesting; makes me wonder what the next G/S series camera sensor will be.

And rumors suggest Canon is getting ready to fire up new sensor fabrication equipment using much thinner etching, almost a given that this is required to increase pixel count. It will also make BSI-CMOS sensors routine for all models. My guess is Canon is frantically working on a sensor that will catch up to or pass the current Sony sensors.

canon has had several or more BSI and also foveon styled patents for a while now.

but yes, I did see a rumor or more that canon has 180nm fabrication up and running.

I thought it was 18nm? I'm looking forward to seeing what Canon has up its sleeve in the sensor design department.

I don't even think intel has 18nm .. that's not necessary not to mention can you imagine the alignment issues? .. sony and other fab plants are currently working under 180nm - canon currently is using 500nm technology. even chipworks states it's an amazing function of canon engineering that their sensors are even competitive using 500nm.

if canon has been able to be competitive with 500nm, it will be interesting to see what they can come up with using 180nm, where they can make everything oh so much smaller.

I might be comparing apples to oranges here but Intel already has 22nm products and 14nm is just a year or two away. Maybe the cmos sensor design is different and this doesn't apply?

14 nanometer specs

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