DSLR to complement Nikon V1 and FT1 adapter?

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Re: DSLR to complement Nikon V1 and FT1 adapter?

marike6 wrote:

If you want the best camera for that money, I'd buy a D7000 (Adorama had a refurbished D7000 for $749, and incredible price for that camera) with whatever lens you can afford (you can find the 18-105 VR refurbished for less than $300). Then you'll have one of the best Nikon DX bodies ever made, and you can add some DX zooms or FX primes like the 50 1.8G, when you get around to it. No rush.

For the next level down, the newest and best performing DX body other than the D7000 is the D5200. It's kind of pricey, but it has absolutely great IQ (DxOMark tested it and it topped all APS-C cameras including great ones like the D7000 and K5). It has great DR, and low-light performance. It also has the same AF module as the D7000, but in a smaller body similar to the D5100 (with the tilt-swivel LCD).

That leaves the D3200 and D5100. This is a toss-up.

Some love the 16 mp sensor of the D5100 (Same Sony Exmor sensor as the D7000, provides superb IQ). The D5100 also has the same smaller body design of the D5200. It has a tilt-swivel LCD, good video performance, and nice handling. The AF module is not as advanced as the D5200, but it should be more than good enough for most uses.

Some favor the newer, higher resolution 24 mp sensor of the D3200. I like both bodies, and would likely be happy with either one. I handled the D3200 at B&H and it's got a comfortable grip and decent build quality. IQ is fantastic, just as it is with all the DX Nikon cameras. No worries there. (If you want to see images from the D7000, D5200, D5100 or D3200, just go on Flickr and search the camera name and browse the Flickr group for each camera, i.e. "D3200 Group").

As far as which lenses for the V1, a 200mm lens (like the 55-200) will have be the equivalent of 540mm with a f5.6 max aperture. Not too shabby. I don't have the FT1 yet, but am looking forward to trying my new 70-200 f4 VR on it.

Good luck, Markus

Thanks everyone for the advice. Based on it and after reading up more on the various bodies, I came to the following ideas:

1. The D7000 is a great camera, but I feel at the price for the body only ($749), I could purchase another DSLR with a lens and have more money for better lens leftover in the future. It might also be a bit overkill given that it would be my first personal DSLR. I have used other DSLRs before, but never anything more than just using AUTO or a scene mode.

3. I'm trying to decide between getting a Nikon d5100 or a Nikon D90 with a 18-55 mm lens and a 55-200 mm lens package. Between these two which would be better for a beginner who wants to learn and will be taking photography courses? Would I "outgrow" the D5100 anytime soon? Is the D90 still reasonable to buy given its age?

If it matters, I have handled a D5100 and D90 in person and would be fine with either.

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