Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

jeffreyrdiamond wrote:

At this time the media juggernaught praised the RX-100 as the best pocket camera of 2012, and it well may be. So I bought it - and I was horribly disappointed! I spent months with this camera, working on manual settings, doing side by side comparisons with my old SD950. And what I found was that almost everything I hoped to get form the RX-100 was WORSE, not better than the SD950.

I call BS. Photo or did not happen.

Although this was contrary to most media hype, I then spotted more thorough reviews that noted issues with the RX-100, such as excessive camera noise beyond base ISOs. And as I started researching CMOS sensors, I found that it wasn't surprising that the 1/1.7 CCD sensor in the old cameras could outperform the RX-100's on backlit CMOS sensor.

Sensor in the RX100 is not backlit.

Here's what I found: Consider this an honest, genuine review from a real user who wanted to make this work more than anything in the world! (I mean, I saved over a year to buy it.)

PICTURE QUALITY: The RX-100 was a little better, but compared to the old CCD cameras, had more graininess (noise) than I could tolerate. Comparing a native resolution patch of an image to that of a cell phone camera, the results were similar. Sure, shrinking the image to a 2 megapixel web image looked perfect, but it does on most cameras!

So you compared pixel-level quality of 20 mpix camera with 2 mpix camera. Smart.

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