Did you see the interview with the Canon Exec.?

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Re: This made my plans easier.... my goodness : - ) , Im not whining

KariP wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

KariP wrote:

I'm not sure if the guy was talking straight and "nothing but the truth"... Anyway, my plan is NOT to haul around heavy and even heavier equipment.

7D gives very good quality to all prints i can possibly AFFORD to print - just printed a part of a series in A3+ size - no noise and superb resolution.... NO point in going full frame .

Well if that's the case, why are you whining, complaining since your 7D will work for you for a long, long time letting you make very good quallity prints you can AFFFORD?

What do you want to do that you cannot do that will necessitate you to "switch" to something else? My goodness....

It was about the "news" that there is not going to be a 7DII and that Canon IS developing the FF systems and not a semipro APS - C ... and that means that my 2 good EF-s lenses are more or less useless in the future.

lol where was that news?

where in that article does it say that canon is NOT developing a 7d mark II which you don't want anyways because you want a lighter kit?

especially considering the same executive in another interview a week ago or less stated that a 7D Mark II is definitely in development.

'That's something we're considering at the moment. From our semi-pro users there's still demand for APS-C but in the future, I think we will see an increase in the number of full-frame models.'

That's the direct quote .. now please .. where in that does he state no 7D Mark II.

considering that he's said this specifically about a 7D Mark II and confirmed it's in development:

Yes, they would be correct. For us, it’s about looking at what the camera has the potential to be and then adding that to what it can currently do. I do think the current model is still very attractive to buyers. And while we are, of course, developing its successor, it’ll be one that incorporates a certain number of innovative technologies. We will not be putting out a product with merely better specs, but one that has evolved into new territory. But then again, we’re not talking about something a long time from now either.

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