85mm/1.8G for close up portraits?

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Re: 85mm/1.8G for close up portraits?

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85/1.8G is great for portraits - but no way 85mm FL will give you such close ups and at the same time leave you enough distance from your model. too tight if you ask me.

135/2D will be much better (well, if you'll find a copy that would be sharp enough on your D600...)

Sigma 150 - as was offered here - should be great we well....


Would you say the Tokina 100mm/2.8 macro, or maybe the Nikon 105mm/2.8 macro, would be better alternatives to the 85mm/1.8G as *portrait* lens if I wanted to get this kind of close up? Or even the Tamron 90mm/2.8? Or is there much to be lost in exchanging the 85mm for any of those, besides the extra f-stop?

Is it a money reason, you'd not consider the Sigma 150 f/2.8 we both suggested? It is expensive but it's a crazy good lens. It can be one of my favorite studio and outdoor portrait lenses in my kit.

The Tokina is a whole lot cheaper as is the Tamron 90, but you were looking for a little more length, I'm thinking. The price is well worth it, especially if you can find a minty used one. Personally, I don't think there's a better macro lens made under 5 grand. As a portrait lens, it can be tight but sometimes, in fact often, I'm wanting tight. Remember, it's about like 100mm lens on a crop camera.

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Yes, the Sigma 150 f/2.8 looks like a superb lens, but unfortunately it is beyond my budget.  I will try to look for a used Sigma for a more accessible price. Or maybe try to find one at my local store and see if convinces me to go beyond my budget this one time. From your last comment, I gather that the length difference between the Tokina (100mm) or the Tamron (90mm) is not that considerable when compared with the 85mm?

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