7D Bracketing

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Re: 7D Bracketing

Eric - California wrote:

TDR1 wrote:

Eric - California wrote:

davinci953 wrote:

Are you using the main dial to activate the AEB scale and set the bracketing?

Yes, i have used it before, but now it's showing only 1 vertical red line. i made several shuts...compensation didn't change.

Fif you see elfrogio's response about using the top control dial rather than the back one? If that's not the issue, and I'll assume since you've used it successfully before that you are trying to do it correctly, then one other explanation I can think of is if you are using a battery grip, sometimes the dial on that can get stuck half way between two positions and that then locks the top dial. Just moving the dial on the grip frees it up again.

If you're not using a battery grip then I've no idea.

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Thanks a million Adrian, yes it's the battery grip...now i am back to business. Also, thanks to all that responded, really appreciate your help!!!!!!

That's good news, I thought that was a bit of a stab in the dark at the time

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