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Re: I got my Sigma 150-500 Fine Tuned ...

Jim F wrote:

Hey Gang: I don't own the D800. I have a Sigma 150-500 and a D300. I bought my Sigma in June 2012. I think I got a really good copy (serial number 126222**) (One can only conclude that there is a lot of sample variation with this lens - at least that's the opinion of many here).

While I have been happy with my copy, I recently sent it to an authorized Nikon and Sigma service center in Chandler, AZ (the Sigma under warranty). They tweaked the auto-focus on the Sigma and then fine tuned the Sigma to my D300 (not the other way around as my D300 does not have any auto focus adjustments settings turned on). My cost, including shipping - $0. It took one week total.

I think the recent service has improved my Sigma's sharpness. No, it's not going to stand up to an expensive Nikon 400 f/2.8 or other exotic. That said, for about a $1,000 I have a very acceptable long zoom. I took these pictures in October at Grand Teton NP. See pictures 14- thru 21 at and that was before getting the AF on the Sigma fine tuned. Not bad for an old fuddy-duddy amateur.

Obviously, those of you with Nikon bodies with more resolution than my ancient D300 will see things in more detail (good or bad) than I can with only 12mp. So, you'll see imperfections much more pronounced than I will. (Anxiously awaiting the imaginary, elusive D400 or whatever - might try a D5200 for kicks.)

Where I am going with this is to say that if you have the 150-500 and it's under warranty, consider getting it fine tuned. And consider getting it adjusted to the body that you have, instead of perhaps making some radical adjustments to the AF tune settings in your D800 or whatever.

And one final editorial comment, I am amused that so many folks bash this lens without really having any experience with it - just jumping on the opinion bandwagon. Sure, there are lots of reviews out there that are not flattering. (Do the reviewers have good copied?) Criticize if you must, I'm not offended. This lens takes a little effort to get anything good from it. For the money (being retired with limited resources), I'm fairly happy with it. >> Jim

One takeaway for everyone reading your post, lens aside, should be regard for Sigma service department. I was really impressed with the treatment I got when I once sent a lens for tune up. In my experience, they really offer a highly personalized service, talk to you and listen to you. And you get to interact with people who actually are competent in the subject matter. Compared to Nikon service, the difference is really dramatic, -- and pleasantly surprising. I at least got the sense that Sigma actually cares about its customers and stands behind its products. Kudos to them! -- One day this experience alone may tip the scales and make me buy a Sigma product rather than a comparable Nikon one.

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