Is it time to give up on Olympus?

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Re: Moonman52, which works better?

Moonman52 wrote:

Just Having Fun wrote:

Which lens is better, the Olympus 14-54 F/2.8-F/3.5 II zoom or the Fuji kit lens you mentioned?

[snip] At the wide end the Fuji is the clear winner of all the above contenders. The wide end is impeccable. The lens is incredibly sharp and totally free of even a hint of CA. A similar lens for micro four thirds designed by Olympus is all I'm asking for.

I'm guessing that your praise of the Fuji's colour and sharpness meant that you tested JPEGs from the body or from the Fuji-supplied software--since other RAW processors have such a hard time with X-Trans--so of course, it's no surprise that you didn't see a hint of CA, given that it's automatically corrected in both cases.

Which really makes me wonder what you think you're on about.

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