New D7000 user needs technique/settings tips

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Re: First: a few comment on the in-camera settings and shooting

rhlpetrus wrote:

Before that: this is not an easy scene, given the way it's skewed in hue to reds, which may exhibit clipping if exposure is not right.

Exposure: 1/250s, f/6.3, ISO 400

ISO=400: use ISO100 for such lighting and any landscape, for that matter. At 100% one already sees some noise in the sky and other areas.

You could have used ISO 100, f/6.3 and 1/60 and get same exposure. Or better, set f/8 and use a tripod, again a must for landscpaes if you care fo high quality detail.

Focus: it's in the mountaisn. For a landscape like this it's better to try the hyperfocal distance, meaning th edistance from camera for whoch the DoF will give you focus up to infinity. Read about it:

Camera settings:

Why brightness = -1? Other ok, but why Picture mode set to Neutral? For landscapes Standard will give you the best overall results, even at default settings (youi may increase sharpening a bit).

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That is a fascinating read!  So rather then focusing on the Mt, I could have focused "closer" at the hyperfocal distance and still had the Mt in focus, but also ensured additional details closer to me were in focus?  I can see that that would be very useful!  Thanks for the heads up!

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