D600 plus Prime as a start

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Yes you can.

There are numerous wide angle lenses for DX sensors: Nikon makes a 10-24mm DX zoom equivalent to a 15-36mm on a FX camera. Sigma makes an 8-16mm, equivalent to a 12-24mm lens on FX. There are also 10, 8, and 4.5mm fisheyes available. It's only a problem if you have only limit yourself to buying FX lenses, but if you buy a DX camera and upgrade in the 3 years you can sell your DX lenses when you upgrade, you'll loose a little money but you'll still get a decent price (and what you do loose is what you pay for getting 3 years of service out of the lens).

It was a problem in 2004, but today there are many lenses made for DX, a number of which are made to give DX users the wide angle you can't get with FX lenses. DX actually has an advantage here because it can use both DX and FX lenses and get full quality out of the camera. A D600 can use a DX lens but it will be limited to 10MP images in DX crop mode. So conversely it could be said that FX can't do telephoto. I could take an 800mm lens with a 2x teleconverter and put it on a  D5200 and get a 24MP image with a 2400mm equivalent focal length. The same set up on a D600 would either give me a 1600mm focal length 24MP image, or a 2400mm equivalent focal length but the image would be cropped to 10MP. Even on the D800 the same set up would give a 2400mm equivalent with a 16MP crop.

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