Need Help: My New x10 seems to have a major IQ problem.

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Re: Need Help: My New x10 seems to have a major IQ problem.

emptymt wrote:

I looked at your 2 pictures and I still don't understand the issue. Are you worried about how the picture looks or that you have heard of issues with this camera?

I was worried about the way my pictures looked and straight away assumed a sensor issue because of all that I have read about it during my camera research.

I have been experimenting over the past couple of hours. It seems I may have jumped the gun and posted a thread with a mildly over dramatic title.

Normally I view pictures from my phone on the 42" lcd by transferring them to a usb flash drive and plugging in the drive to the TV. The x10 bundle I received had a mini hdmi cable supplied alongwith and I plugged the x10 straight into my television. They way my television scales the image over hdmi makes the image extremely horrid. As I mentioned in the OP, images from my phone camera looked better. I got quite the scare of my life, along with looks from my family " Is this what you spent $500 for?"

Thank you guys for your replies which said the IQ was as expected. They got me thinking sanely and let me dig about a little more. I was otherwise packing the phone for shipping it back otherwise.

I copied images from the camera, several high iso samples from review sites, clubbed them into one USB drive and checked on the TV again. The IQ of my camera compares well with the samples online. Its an HDMI scaling issue that startled me. Is it a general thing or they way my TV alone behaves. I don't know, and really doesn't matter.

Thanks fellows.


Cool! Glad you sorted out your problem

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Apologies if my lack of photographic knowledge is catching.

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