Can a wired remote control video on a 7D?

Started Feb 2, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: No, it can't.

I don't know how reliable that would be, since the reflecting angle would have to be perfect, every time. But your post about the mirror reminded me of a joke one of the baliffs told, while I was on jury duty, this past week. A woman was pulled over for speeding and was asked for her driver's license. As she was rummaging through her grocery bag sized purse, she told the officer, "I can't remember what it looks like." He said, "It has your picture on it." After some more searching, she found a small rectangular mirror, and seeing herself in it, handed it to the policeman. He looked at it and said, "Had I known you were in law enforcement, I wouldn't have pulled you over, in the first place."

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