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(I've done the searches, but have not found specific discussion on this topic. Sorry if I missed it somehow).

I am itching to buy another lens and I've read in this forum about the nice bokeh that one can get from a fast prime. Supposedly, one such prime is the sony 35mm 1.8. I also have the CZ1680 and, the more I use it the more I like it. So, my question is will I be disappointed with the 35mm IQ as compared to my CZ? Any other ones that I should look into?

Additionally, I am also thinking about trying some macro shots and the Tamron 90mm is on the wish list also.

Thanks a ton for all your advice.

If you look on you can see the ratings for the lenses, The 35mm f/1.8 scores 4.34 overall and 4.72 for sharpness, the Zeiss 16-80mm scores 4.43 overall and 4.67 for sharpness. So from a quality and sharpness standpoint the lenses are pretty equal. If you are looking for getting shallow depth of field shots the the maximum aperture of f/1.8 on the 35mm will provide better images than the ≈f/4 from the 16-80mm zoom.

The question of Bokeh is not the same as low depth of field. Bokeh is a description of the quality of the out of focus regions in a photograph not how much is out of focus. To determine this I would look for example images on the various photosites and you can examine that aspect of the images. Zeiss has a good reputation for Bokeh but I have not examined these two lenses in detail.

If you are looking for a very in-depth paper on depth of field and bokeh look up the Zeiss Blog entry by Nasse

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