Sony translucent mirror technology or Sony mirrorless?

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The WA factor and other issues

If you are a wide angle (say less than 18mm ff equivalent), the larger cameras have an advantage. The very short flange distance of the Nex range plus the size of the APS-C sensor means a lot of bending has to be done to light rays at the edges and this causes around the edges, especially with higher megapixel sensors. The Nex 7 has more problems with these lenses than the 5n and 6 in this regard. On the other hand, it is a limiting facor in how small an FF or slt can be designed without compromising, to some extent, these lenses. At least to current technology. Big strides are being made in software correction which is improving things.

Re IBIS. Bigger sensors generate more heat and IBIS generates heat. On earlier model Olympus mft cameras with IBIS this seemed to be a real problem that showed up as iso went a little higher. The excellent IBIS in the OMD5 seems to have overcome this, possibly assisted by the dslr looking hump on thew top holding some of the components.

Nikons mirrorless cameras have shown that much faster focussing can be built in to mirrorless and other manufacturers seem to be lagging behind the Nikon on this. I'd expect cdaf (or hybrid developments) to eventually solve this problem.

cdaf (in mirrorless) has a useful advantage in not requiring microfocus calibration for each lens. I would never again buy a pdaf camera (SLT) that didn't have micro focus built in. (some slt cameras have MF adjustment, some don't) I find MF adjustment to be a bit of a PITA, but doable

I use both ff a900 and Nex. I think Sony originally thought the Nex range wopuld appeal more to P&S upgraders and designed the system accordingly. Having found that experienced users liked the size, in later model Nex Sony has been reverse engineering the layout to make it better for those who want more manual control. The ergonomics of the 6n are now quite good I think this will continue with coming models. I don't see any reason that cameras of this size cannot be just as good egonomically as the large bodies, they are almost there. but you do need to hold them differently with larger lenses, ie, use the lens barrel more.

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