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Picked up another today!

Just picked up a brand-new unused 70-200 f4 IS for $800 with all original packaging and accessories. Couldn't believe the CL posting but had to swoop in for the kill and check it out. Was exactly like described...just ran it through a quick lens test IQ and functionality test and everything was superb. I can tell the front element hasn't even been cleaned once...its that new. Date code is UZ so it coincides with the claims of mintness. After selling my 70-300 IS for $80 dollars profit, this one is basically a freebie lens as well. I can pretty much sell it at similar prices 2-3 years from now I believe as long as I keep it in good condition.

It requires some experience now...I definitely do far more checks and have more knowledge on how to evaluate lenses now when I first started, so this doesn't mean I endorse running out and buying up old lenses on CL, but that with some time and knowledge its very cost-effective and rewarding.

Absolutely loving this 70-200 f4 L IS. With Canon's continue drive towards FF + smaller/lighter, this lens is not going to go down in value...and the build quality and ergonomics/handling AF speed and FTM are absolutely top rate compared to the consumer telephotos I've tried before (i.e. Tamron or Canon 70-300's). The Nikkor that just came out is actually 100+ grams heavier and when you extrapolate sensor MP differences isn't really different in sharpness. This Canon also is built in 2011 but has 5 years of 'fixes'.

Buying second-hand + buying second-generation in body/lenses is absolutely stellar in price performance. Actually the 70-20 f4 L IS is still the most recent generation, but in terms of age the price has basically 'settled' vs buying absolutely new lenses.

My biggest $$ lost in a lens purchase so far has been my 40mm f2.8 pancake I bought brand new at $185 instead of the $150 its been going at...but I love that lens too.

I see no point in paying the premium for used lens outlets unless they offer significant warranty...most likely the only difference is you are paying someone else to do the lens inspection...when you should start gaining experience doing so *regardless* if its brand new or not!

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