Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

I moved from S95 to RX100. It's taken me a few weeks to appreciate what it can do, and I wondered for a while if I really liked it. But now I believe it is better in most ways than my S95 or any other point and shoot I've ever had, despite a few idiotic operational foibles.

Noise performance is one of the main things it's better at, so I'm very surprised by what you say. Perhaps it's because the RX100 has a tendency to underexpose a bit, whereas the S95 if anything tended to slightly overexpose and need exposure comp notching down a bit. Underexpose and you get lots of noise. You have to use the RX100 in raw, push the highlights and take advantage of the extra dynamic range from the bigger sensor. I particularly like the buttery smooth blue skies I get from the RX100 that I could never quite get from the S95.

At higher ISOs, the RX100 is quite a long way ahead. I'm no longer afraid of ISO1600.

The RX100's photos can appear a little soft compared to the S95's, but they take a lot more sharpening before you've gone too far.

And yes, you often do need to use smaller apertures than with the S95. It's a pain until you get used to it. It's not as easy a camera to get good results from as the S95. You need to work harder in PP.

But if you nail it, it is better. I can only assume that you haven't quite nailed it yet. Don't give up.

The good news is that for 95% of shots, the S95 is just as good, and for many shots, it's more painless.

But I've got used to the RX100's demands, and I've sold my S95 to my dad, who loves it.

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