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Re: My apologies

Marcamera wrote:

G. Gray wrote:

Marcamera wrote:

G. Gray wrote:

Believe me, everybody who owns a legal firearm CARES.

I know, like the fellow in Alabama holding the 6-year-old hostage. He is a legal gun owner, and oh, he cares so much that he only killed one person so far.

My guess would be a domestic disturbance gone wrong. Is the 6-year-old hostage related to him in some way ??

I am sorry, of course killing relatives is OK.

What a fool you are to even ask that question. What difference does it make?

Just trying to deduce what the story is about given the limited info in this post.

By the way, instead of spending time here, check the news, they are not related

I will leave that to you. Perhaps if you have info you should post it.


The firearm lobby is in favour of enforcing the penalties for illegal use of firearms.

You have to be kidding. They are? And they need to be singled out? I thought everybody was in favour of enforcing penalties for illegal use of firearms.


Look G.Gray, as I said, safer for you to stay shut Less chance of bad reactions by other posters.

I see, only your opinions count. Perhaps you should go back to those democracy classes. You obviously missed something

How did you manage to come up with such a ridiculous statement? When was advocating existing laws even remotely discussed here?

OK , so you don't wish to discuss existing law you just want some new ones.

I must say, grow up, and I am fully aware of the irony of what that means under the circumstances.

I am glad you got the message.


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