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Re: Lost in Translation

bofo777 wrote:

If you think about it if THIS OR THOSE new camera bodies are coming out this year Olympus already has the cameras developed and ready to sell. So why are they still vague , secretive , illusive and driving all Olympus owners CRAZY!!

Whatever it is that they will release this year, it has been in the pipe for some time and should be ready for production. They aren't going to design something in the next couple of months, then tool up for production, they are currently tooling up if they hope to fill orders shortly after the announcement.

I have to agree that they could be more direct about what is coming. Many of us are looking at new gear and would like some assurance from Olympus if we are to wait patiently for a new camera that will take full advantage of the current 4/3 lenses.

Just the fact that we all read these "revelations" from Olympus brass and come away with different interpretations is disturbing. I'd like to believe that there will be a new e-7 or e-70, but only time will tell. One thing is for certain, some of us are going to be chowing down on humble pie with a generous helping of crow.

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