50mm f1.8 problems?

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Re: 50mm f1.8 problems?

You do realize that at wide open the depth of field is very narrow. An example you focused on an object 10 foot away at f/1.8 your min focus is 9.67 feet in front of 10 foot and behind is 10.3 feet so the DOF is .69 feet.

Here look at 35mm manual focus lens at f/16 onboard flash. Since this lens is an old Nikkor 35mm that I used on my FM camera. I set the infinity mark (view from camera looking down at the lens at f/16 then look at the right side at the other F/16 and see its less than 3 feet. Not exactly sure how far away but around 6 to 8 foot.

F/16.0 at about 6 foot or so 35mm Nikkor lens which has a FOV of 52.5mm great DOF

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