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Re: Fading colours

RedFox88 wrote:

mlewan wrote:

As far as I know, the present colour print technology still does not age well. When I today look at old colour photos from the sixties, or old issues of National Geographic, the colours are off by an order of magnitude.

Well, you are talking about 45 year old prints. Is that really "present color print technology"? I don't think so!

I can understand if people prefer digital copies, which can be viewed and printed perfectly in ten, fifty or a thousand years from now.

10 years? Sure. 50 years? Probably not. Put a hard drive in a box for 50 years and a print in a box for 50 years and the print will still be viewable and enjoyable. But there won't be a way to get the data off the hard drive. 1000 years? You are dreaming.

How do you know that? You can see into the future? Software and computers can read formats and as long as the format is around so will a company that can profit from making software to read it. Besides you think the bride of today is thinking jeez I want someone to be able to look at my wedding photos 1,000 years from now. Come on. I love prints and can appreciate a good print but a JPEG file is a JPEG file and even if software shifts, you can always convert it or maybe print it when you see that the format is going away before a 1,000 years ends. People also felt strongly about every previous format like CD's and now everything is MP3's and IPODS. You think most people go to a CD store (even if any are around any more) and buy the actual disc and walk around with a CD player? No they buy a file. The world changes and so do the way we look at photos and how we transport them or store them. Maybe in 1,000 years people will have an internal hard drive that is wired into them to store images of life as they lived it and it is later installed and shared to the Child’s memory using brain nerves. Sounds crazy right but so would digital cameras to a caveman.

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