Hadiya Pendleton is death

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G. Gray
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Re: Hadiya Pendleton is death

Wheatfield wrote:

G. Gray wrote:

RobertSigmund wrote:

She died shortly after the happiest day in her life, when she had attended President Obama's inauguration.

The firearm lobby does not care. They just don't care. The victims don't matter for them. Their heart is cold.

That is a terrible tragedy . You did fail to point out that it was gang related by people LOOKING FOR VICTIMS of the same colour.

We have a lot of gang problems where I live (Macleans magazine says we have the worst neighborhood in the country). Interestingly, they almost never whack people with guns. In fact, we have surprisingly few murders here.

Do you think that the gangs register or follow the law on guns ?

Why is it that our gangs rarely use guns if they don't follow the law on guns?

Yoe are talking about CANADIANS aren't you ???

Believe me, everybody who owns a legal firearm CARES. The firearm lobby is in favour of enforcing the penalties for illegal use of firearms.

So your answer is to throw more people in jail AFTER they have shot/ killed someone? I'm sure the victims and their families are overjoyed by this.

You don't believe in punishment for a crime ???

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