for handheld video and long lens shooting, GH3 or EM5?

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Re: for handheld video and long lens shooting, GH3 or EM5?

PatrickP wrote:

rbattsall wrote:

m the e-m5 despite the poorer codec.

I have the e-m5 and a gh2 and I'm no video expert and perhaps don't notice the differences in some of the codecs but what I do notice is that the 5 axis IBIS is far superior to Panny OIS. I have hand held clips taken with the e-m5 and 45-175 zoomed full in and I have been astonished by the stabilization.

I have previously had bad experiences with the GH2 and 14-140 at a wedding at far wider FOV and it seems the GH3 would be no better as the OIS performance is determined by the lens.

Given that the OIS performance is determined by the lens - would newer lenses like 14-42 X or 12-35/2.8 be better for shooting video? That's one question that has been lingering in my mind.

The 14-140 is not the most stable lens for handheld video shooting - but I suspect the lighter weight of the GH2 body (versus GH3) would render the lens-body combination more front heavy - I've used the GH2/14-140 combo before and it was not comfortable to hand hold). Having used both my first impression is on the GH3 the combination with 14-140 seems to be a bit more stable.

I would agree those lenses would be better. If reach is an issue, remember the 2x tele-converter in the menu is lossless turning your 12-35 (24-70) in a eq. fov of 48-140.

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