Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

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Re: Canon lover switched to RX-100, and it was terrible! Need advice....

wazu wrote:

tomtom50 wrote:

wazu wrote:

Imaging Resource writes about RX100 "Continuous AF mode slow to lock."

about the LX5 "The Panasonic LX5 is fast to focus and extremely fast when you pre-focus."

about the LX7 "Fast autofocus and shutter lag"

+ I've actually tested all 3 and can speak first hand about the matter.

There might be some confirmation bias going on here. No unbiased reading of the Imaging Resource measurements would give the LX-5 the edge.

The pre-focused acquisition time is 0.012 on the LX-5 vs. 0.013 on the RX100: the LX-5 is faster! Full aperture continuous AF is slow at f1.8. Terrible! Best to ignore every other number, they don't count.

"Looking at the Sony RX100's ability to determine that it's properly focused when shooting the same target multiple times, its autofocus speed is very fast for it class. The Sony RX100's full-autofocus shutter lag (with the subject at a fixed distance) was only 0.153 second in Single-area AF mode. This increased slightly to 0.266 second in Multi-area AF mode. That's much faster than the average CSC, and competitive with many SLRs."

Best to ignore those words as well.

you quoted the 0.012 focus acquisiton time correctly for the LX-5 but were way off on the RX-100:

Here is the Imaging Resource response about RX-100 focus acquisition time ( that's 0.26 seconds compared to LX5 0.012 sec )

Shutter lag seemed good in the field and was corroborated by our studio measurement of .01 seconds. Sony claims autofocus acquisition times as quick as .13 seconds, but our studio measurements produced a .26 second time. Frankly, the camera felt faster than this most of the time in good light, and was one of the faster focusing compact digitals I've ever reviewed. The camera retains a fairly quick autofocus acquisition capability as light dims and the focus assist lamp worked well out to about 10 feet in virtually pitch black conditions.

Now any other nay sayers, here's your chance.

Your quote is from Digital Camera Review, not Imaging Resource. Imaging Resource reports 0.153s to 0.266s depending on focal length which does not contradict DCR since they did not mention focal length. Considering Imaging Resource reports 0.351s to 0.367s full AF times for the LX-5 your point is what exactly? The 0.012s number you cite is the pre-focused time. It does not measure AF speed, it measures shutter lag not attributable to AF. And that number differs by 1 millisecond between the two cameras.

If you have both cameras and the RX100 is laggy maybe you are using it in continuous AF wide angle full aperture? Or you have a bad sample? My RX100 focuses faster than my DSLR, so I know it has fast AF.

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