Which APS camera to buy?

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Re: Which APS camera to buy?

pixelized wrote:

I am looking to buy a camera with an APS-C sensor - not 4/3. My top two are the Fuji X-E1 and the Sony NEX-6. My top 3 priorities are high IQ, high ISO with little or no noise and form factor - I don't want a mini-slr body. Which of these two would be your camera to buy and why? Can anyone suggest a different camera that is better?

I too had this dilema, I used the nex7 and then the xpro1, I bought the xpro1. I preferred the build quality, size, weight and dials of the xpro. I also preferred the lens selection of the fuji, I got the 18mm and 35mm, both are great lenses and far superior to the sony lenses, sony releases lots of lenses but other than the zeiss the rest are poor and or larger than the fuji lenses. The fuji zoom, some say kit lens, which is doing this lens a disservice is superb, fuji are also going to be releasing a couple more high quality lenses this year.

As far image quality goes all modern cameras are great, some are slightly better than others but up to iso 6400 they are all capable of producing usable files.

They are both great cameras and suitable for throwing in a bag and carrying everywhere. My priority was image quality and lens quality, I chose the xpro1 and have never looked back.

If possible, handle both cameras to get a feel for the size and weight difference, also build quality.

Cheers jon

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