Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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Re: Did you?

You are being silly.
If you actually read those vague platitudes again in reference to what has transpired  you will find them to be accurate and true, despite being a little vague.
Olympus has there own style, and a lot of people find it unsettling.
They have said for a long time there were working on this pro camera; development cycle probably took 5 years of testing and trying things to make a hybrid system. Of the multiple development streams, I suspect the 43rds camera was the most promising due to immature CDAF PDAF or phase detect adapters diminishing the functionality of the hydrid designs. They always said the pro camera was coming, then everyone says that it's not. Then it comes, it is as simple as that. Just read the official press releases and have a little faith they come true (it hasn't happened to me yet, but I never bought into the OM film line).
I really expect this camera to be built for the 90-250 for wildlife, with greatly improved CAF. Along with a scaled up sensor from the RX100 to get a 48 mpix sensor that can downscale 75% to 36 to enhance IQ on the fly. That would make my 14-35 sing! And my 90-250!
The above is just my wishful thinking, but with that, Oly could make a dent in the DSLR business. It's SHG lenses would shine so bright with a sensor like that.

sigala1 wrote:

That the marketing guy from Olympus guy is able to describe features that readers of this forum want is hardly surprising, but there's absolutely NOTHING in there about timetables or specific products.

These are the same vague platitudes that have been coming from Olympus for years. There's no evidence that Olympus really wants to invest a lot of money into DSLRs or big lenses, which failed in the marketplace the first time around.

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