Offsetting cost of this hobby...microstock?

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Re: Offsetting cost of this hobby...microstock?

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Thanks for the information Glenn. I was seriously considering putting a few of my very best to sell in stock but I wasn't sure about it. My biggest fear is, once people get the downloads, can't they just re-sell the downloads as their own images, even though it's a copyright breach? I have a few images which I think could certainly sell, but the fact that others can steal my images and sell them is off-putting. Am I just being paranoid or is this a valid concern that one has to live with?

I suppose that's a valid concern. When a buyer purchases the image from an agency, they specify the usage. I'm guessing that the agency isn't thrilled either if the buyer uses the image beyond what they paid for--and there must be some sort of controls in place.

Theft is a potential issue with any business.  If you put an image on the web, there is a chance that someone will steal it and use it.  However, I think most commercial organizations are honest and realize they have to pay to use an image.  Those organizations go to places like ShutterStock or iStockPhoto to obtain a valid license.

I kind of look at it like the Wal-Mart approach.  Do manufacturers not want their products on Wal-Mart shelves because they fear people will steal the product?  Certainly that theft can happen.  Nevertheless, the volume of sales obtained from the honest customers offsets those losses. Companies trample each other trying to get on the shelves at Wal-Mart!

Why have an image sitting on a hard disk somewhere collecting digital-dust when there is some money to be made from it?

Now, if you have a truly unique image with very specific applications, then Rights-Managed may be the best approach.  In that case, a single agreement takes places, for a much more significant amount of money, and the user obtains exclusive rights to use the image.  Then, if the image pops up anywhere else, it is obviously stolen.  Rights Managed and Royalty Free are two different ballgames.

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