Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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Re: Welcome comments from Terada about New 4/3's body in 2013

dave gaines wrote:

People will still choose to ignore the obvious intent of the statement and deny there's anything new coming in Olympus 4/3. By now we know who they are.


I suggest giving them a chance to establish their credibility and offering them an opportunity to weigh their words before posting. We, those who believe E-5 successor is coming, promise to start an "I was wrong" thread if/when Olympus announces there is no such successor and 4/3 lenses are not going to be supported to their full capability anymore. We suggest those who do not believe in such camera coming do the same if/when it's released. I did that twice by now; want to join? May even be worth a separate thread, so folks can register their promise on either side of the argument.

To make it clear, by E-5 successor we mean a camera that fully supports 4/3 lenses, AF speed and ergonomics wise - whatever technology is deployed to achieve that.

It will make for an interesting angle, to see who is willing to accept such condition and who isn't - will tell us a lot about their actual degree of conviction. Then, when the resolution comes, it will give us a good standard to measure one's personal honesty - those who do post such threads will have to accept a moment of humility and those who don't will demonstrate utter lack of credibility.

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