Terada: New 4/3's body (bodies?) in the pipline for 2013

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Welcome comments from Terada about New 4/3's body in 2013

:-Dsderdiarian wrote:

Interview with Terada stating Olympus will be introducing one or more new 4/3's bodies this year. Congrats on this scoop, DPR!


Thanks for posting this Steve.

I welcome anything new in an Olympus DSLR, whether it's an E-xxx, E-xx or an E-x pro body. There are Olympus users among us who use all of these cameras, from the entry level to the Pro, and they all deserve an upgrade path to go with these great 4/3 lenses. If it's an improvement to the E-5 in the form of a Pro-level E-7 DSLR, I may have to run out and buy it. Otherwise I'd be happy to see an E-xxx or E-xx and wait a year before getting an upgrade to my E-5. My E-5 still has plenty of life in it and performs well for my needs in all areas except high ISO. For that I still use a tripod and low ISO.

Just a side note to the profit and marketability of Olympus products: With the price for used Olympus lenses falling to around 50% of new I think they needed to say and do something about future 4/3 bodies to keep their new lens sales going. Now the price of used lenses will probably rise again. With plans to sell future 4/3 DSLR bodies Olympus needs to maintain the price of their lenses.

The article will remain at the top of the dpr home page all weekend. People will still choose to ignore the obvious intent of the statement and deny there's anything new coming in Olympus 4/3. By now we know who they are.

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