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You miss-represent some of what goes on

It's not that Foveon has its charms or not. At least for some of us, it's simply an objective discussion and assessment where things are simply just- not perfect. There's also of course some mistruths spoken about the competition and some of us like to discuss and show that.

Many times I have seen you jump at me with a reply when I was not even talking to you going for a personal attack simply because I said something apparently you did not want to read. I think that sort of makes a lot of what you just said as a "full picture" just plain invalid. And hey, it's not like I haven't said I do think a Foveon sensor does have its pros.

Some of us think that someone coming here for information on Sigma Foveon technology should get the full picture and not just one that seems biased with a marketing intent, often littered with conflicts of interest from some of the strongest advocates.

There is a lot of talk and threads that start on how a Foveon is the best image quality, how it is virtually unilaterally better than the rest (not all do this, of course but some), how it is for "artists" or the "photographer in the know" and such thing. It's only fair to then hold it to that standard and if it doesn't meet it, know where it doesn't and debunk some of the non sense arguments that go on when that happens.

If you read carefully for example, most of the time I am talking about camera X doing something better is because such camera or competitor technology got "trashed" without basis which is basically misinformation. I don't come here opening a thread saying "Why camera X is better than Foveon," and neither do many people that simply want the whole picture.

A great example of this is when I first came in to explore the technology and get information, upon mentioning my needs and wants of low available photography I was constantly tired to be convinced by some that Foveon could pull it off. The next thing I notice is virtually a complete absence of street night life shots, followed by examples that any camera can do once it's on a tripod (and were not street night life). Oh, yeah, then I was told that I had no clue how to do my own photography, that real photographers would use flash in those situations, or why would anyone not shoot in good daylight ad naseum.

That's just an example. I think it needs to be said because someone who just bumped into your reply may think quite erroneously that there's evil people that come here all the time to show brand X is better, and that's the only thing that goes on. That's just a complete half truth (or maybe even a 3rd truth or 4th truth).

OH and yes, I am indeed interested in what goes on in Foveon space when I see something new and promising for my needs. That would be SPP monochrome mode for me now. As I mentioned beforeI loved my DP2 and recommended it to some even though in the end it wasn't a match for my needs. Such "justification" of course shouldn't be necessary at all, nor do I have to say it.

Finally, there are some that will come here as true tease/trolling, but that happens in all forums, no "Bayer world conspiracy vs Sigma" explanation required.

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