I love Groundhog Day....

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NO winter here on southern Vancouver Island

This season...we have not had any winter at all..just an extended Fall.

It's been mild...with only 2 light overnight 'frosts' since early November.

Victoria is becoming a very DRY region....where I live we only get 17" of rain per year, compared to 50" or more in nearby Vancouver and Seattle.

Traditionally it is already is Canada's driest/sunny-ist city....but now even the usual winter WET season (NOV thru FEB) is drying out. This January for example, we only had 1 day of actual RAIN, plus two days of just a light drizzle.

The old thing is.....that a weird temp pattern has stuck with us for almost 3 years now.

The average daytime high temps have been consistently slightly below normal....whilst the overnight ​low temps​ have been significantly ​above ​normal, often by 3-4C or even more sometimes.

So, whilst it hasn't felt any warmer during the days....the climate in general has become a lot milder...coz the overnight temps never fall even close to freezing...hence, the gardens/vegetation is changing.

I notice this on my runs...as in winter I now only need just one layer of gear to stay warm. This wasn't the case 7-8 years ago.

My area is now a sub-Mediterranean climate zone...and at 48N LAT....that is really quite unique. In July/August...we are as DRY/Sunny as places like Northern Greece, Rome, Nice, Barcelona.....altho, not as warm of course.

This house with Palms outside is just a few block from my place

Palms in Victoria BC 

WE now have over 10,000 palm trees growing in this city


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