Offsetting cost of this hobby...microstock?

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Re: Offsetting cost of this hobby...microstock?

Alex Notpro wrote:

gnagel wrote:


It's difficult for me to give you any tips as I don't know the reason for the rejections. Did the agencies provide any explanations? Usually, Shutterstock and iStock comment on every rejection.


Funny. I hadn't looked at these images in almost 2 years. In retrospect they do seem rather "bleh". They're from my first couple of months of DSLR ownership (although I had been taking pictures as a hobby for over 15 years before that).

From 10 submitted to Shutterstock, 5 had "Composition--Limited commercial value", 4 had issues with "Editorial captioning", and 1, the most baffling: "Focus--Your image is not in focus or focus is not located where we feel it works best." Here are some of the images (I was not able to locate all 10):

Alamy said "Soft or lacking definition" about these images:

iStockphoto gave me a general response (no image-by-image commentary):

At this time we regret to inform you that we did not feel the overall composition of your photography or subject matter is at the minimum level of standard for iStockphoto. Please take some time to review training materials, resources and articles provided through iStockphoto. The photographs provided in your application should be diverse in subject matter, technical ability and should be your best work. Think conceptual, creative and most important think Stock photography. Try to avoid the average eye level push the button perspective of a common subject. Try and impress us, we want to see how you stand out from the crowd.


All but one of the links takes me to a private photo that I am not permitted to view.  The one with the Arabic inscriptions I could view.  An image like that, where selective focus is used, can be subject to that comment or rejection.  It can be frustrating, but many times the inspector does not necessarily agree with where I've decided to place the focus point on a highly selective focus image.

Limited commercial value...usually refers to subject matter which isn't in demand...or sometimes refers to an awkward or tight crop.  The stock agencies like to have a little space around the subject matter--probably for certain buyers to add text as they see fit.

Just a couple of thoughts...and you can always try again after a certain time period (which varies by agency). I was rejected on my first try with iStock...but approved as a seller on my next attempt.


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