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Re: SmartCameras are the answer

I guess some of you need to get a life sometime. I briefly skimmed through the replies here and the discussion has turned pretty hostile halfway through. Not uncommon with a topic such as this one(which has appeared quite a number of times on this forum). There seem to be an extreme hate toward camera photography (by some group of people here) as camera phones are constantly despised and regarded as an uncapable tool in producing decent quality images, if not stellar. I will try not to be too long-winded here with my thoughts.

The title of the thread is "Smartcameras is the answer". Answer to what? Replacing smartphones as the most used device(in the world) for photography? Offering better IQ than smartphones? Firstly, the current crop of smartcameras (particularly the one from Samsung) could not hold candle to some of the better cameraphones in photography performance. Secondly, I don't think the smartcamera market will go through much evolution and continue to improve in areas of image quality. There is possibility we may see a premature end to the evolution of the smartcamera market. The main purpose of smartcameras is to offer more flexibility and convenience of mobile photography to the user. There is already a compact market that offers quality P&S cameras with good optics and sensors. Smartcameras will never replace smartphones as the no.1 most used device in the world for mobile photography, not to mention turning it to a phone. It is surely silly talking through a phone in the form of a camera.

There is a camera for every purpose. No question there. A DSLR or full-frame for the toughest or most demanding shooting conditions and best image quality. Smaller cameras or compacts for better pockebility(and equally good IQ). Smartphones for best pockebility and usability, good or decent IQ in good light and poor IQ in low light (though the better ones like the 808 are capable of very decent IQ in tricky lighting conditions). Bottomline, there is a market for all of these devices as mentioned by some of the posters here earlier.

As for the airplane shot, surely a more advanced camera or full-frame will do better than a smartphone. Is there a camera that can manage a shot of the moon or a satellite in outer space?

Big vs. small cameras. This will be subjective as there will be people who prefer larger cameras for better grip and handling, even some of the exceptionally large full-frame models, and there will be people who prefer smaller compacts and smartphones for their pocketability factor. However, those who prefer larger cameras will likely fall in the minority group. Most will favor smaller cameras since the APS-C models are already capable of excellent IQ in most shooting conditions or patterns, unless one wants to capture the stars in the skies.

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