Color Space "Map" and Real World Affects:

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Re: Color Space "Map" and Real World Affects:

Thanks for the replies. Sounds like I'm on the right track on how color management works.

I have a Dell U2410 now, I'm looking at getting a 27" (haven't read reviews yet, so don't know which monitor). Seeing how I'm just an amateur photographer, and any photos I work with eventually go on the web, I'm wondering if I should get an sRGB gamut monitor.

Which leads me to this question (I probably should post this in the monitor forums), but which monitor would show sRGB better? A wide gamut monitor in sRGB mode or a native sRGB monitor, or does it make a difference?

for those of you that have a wide gamut, do you always keep it in wide gamut or use sRGB when you're not working with photos?

My budget for a new monitor is about $1,000. I currently have a Spyder4Pro... so I really don't want to buy a new puck and software, unless I really should.

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