85mm/1.8G for close up portraits?

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Re: 85mm/1.8G for close up portraits?

sroute wrote:

In landscape orientation basically a person's head will fill the vertical axis of the frame when at or near the 85/1.8G's minimum focus distance. You *may* need to do a very slight crop to achieve the same framing as your first photo.

You can't achieve the framing of the second photo with the 85G without cropping, or using close up filters, or tele-converters.

I'd go with a crop - the D600 offers plenty of resolution; depending on your purpose, that may be not just merely sufficient but in fact may suit your needs perfectly. Bonus, shoot now, crop later, means no screwing on of filters or inserting a tele-converter in the light path. You are always ready for the next shot if you need to re-compose with more subject in the frame.

If you've not used a 24MP camera before, get the lens you like first and see if cropping meets your needs for those types of shots. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for the reply, sroute! Would a macro/portrait lens such as the Tamron 90mm/2.8 be a better choice for this kind of shot, then? Would it, in fact, offer any DISadvantage in comparison to the 85mm/1.8G, aside from the slightly slower aperture?

I also wonder if a close-up lens such as the Canon 500D would be a good complement for the 85mm/1.8g for this specific purpose?

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