Olympus Statement About Fourthirds and Micro Fourthirds

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mpeman wrote:

...and yet here we are.

...there it is worth considering how we got here, as noted by the second post in this subthread:


i've seen no trolling in this thread, just a discussion on the information from various websites and opinions on where Olympus might be heading.

Weighing the merits of how the verbosity of the complaints rather than the discussions contained therein. That alone should point to the problem.

Kind of what Gregg was talking about in his post above, no?

To state that these complaints are common fodder says more about the complaints, perhaps, than the camera and system being discussed. It sure is easier to dissect and ruminate than to be clever and perhaps even helpful. And that sage bit of wisdom WAS given to me by someone at the company who dared listen to OGPS members. At least they know how to whittle down the chafe.

Robert does have a valid point.  When you have people like Louis Dobson, Donald Chin, and Ilya V leaving 4/3 for other systems, what does that tell you?  When two of those listed above are coming back to mFT, what more does that tell you?

All that said...it sure does make for one sour forum, when it probably doesn't deserve to be one. If you want to see evidence of that just look over at the Kodak SLR forum. Now that's dead.

I've long said that Olympus needs to put out an E7 and E720 with the same (or better) sensor that's in the EM5, and at least one new lens, like a 100 / 2.8 1:1 macro, until they are ready for their "one beautiful system" (and this should have been done long ago).  Ironically, it's been the "Olympus faithful" that have pooh-poohed that idea, saying that Olympus cannot afford to divert resources from mFT.

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