Am I doing something wrong? Sony A57

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Re: Am I doing something wrong? Sony A57

Calico Jack wrote:

mmhendrie wrote:

everyone has to start somewhere. It'd be tough to learn how to use an SLR without access to one - which means running into such issues, along with asking questions about how you can improve shots, are part of the learning process.

Quite, which is why I started with a prosumer/bridge to learn things like controlling DoF, different settings (and what they do), shutter speeds, framing, composition and technique before going 'full scale'.

What's a 'prosumer bridge' camera that teaches how to shoot better than an A57?

It seems many are going in feet first with no idea what they're doing and then asking questions like 'what did I do wrong' which says it all doesn't it, so sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind as how else will anyone learn?

There's nothing wrong with asking what you did wrong, and you don't have to be 'cruel' to be kind.

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