Lenses for Video Graphy - is Rokinon/Samyang 35mm + 85mm a RIGHT CHOICE???

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Re: Lenses for Video Graphy - is Rokinon/Samyang 35mm + 85mm a RIGHT CHOICE???

What kind of video are you shooting? Youtube shorts? Corporate? Music videos? Different kinds of videos require different lenses and even then it's a matter of taste.

Anyhow those are all solid performers and I like both focal lengths a lot. I don't much care for the 50mm focal length (though I find it useful enough) and I do like 35mm and 85mm on crop. A bigger concern would be the wide end. Normally I'll want an 18mm in my kit. Ideally a 12mm or 14mm, too, for locations or music videos. And 35mm isn't that wide.

Shooting full manual is basically necessary on a dSLR to get decent results so don't sweat the lenses missing some EXIF data. (So is using an external sound recorder if you want decent sound.) Buy this book and read it over (it's the textbook for many cinematography courses but you can read it in an afternoon):


Also see which focal lengths you use on your 18-55mm IS and see if you can live with "only" having 35mm. Imo, a better purchase would be a 17-55mm f2.8 IS or the Sigma/Tamron equivalents as you get IS, a decent speed, and a good focal length range. But this lens is a good addition to the Rokinon/Samyangs. The Sigma is great for the price.

The cinema lenses "declick" the aperture blades so you can rack your aperture smoothly. This is a very easy modification you can do own your own in five minutes. They also have a focus ring if you want to use a follow focus. The f1.4/t1.5 nomenclature disparity is just that -- f1.4 refers to f stop (ratio of aperture to focal length) and t1.5 refers to how much light is actually let through, accounting for the fraction of a stop absorbed by the glass. Same lens optically and don't even sweat the difference. It's just semantics and the difference doesn't matter much with digital unless you are using an incident meter and even then it doesn't really matter. Long story: same lens, different marking.

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