Who's shooting with 24~70 2.8 SIGMA?

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Re: Who's shooting with 24~70 2.8 SIGMA?

Sorry I disagree in that you can get at least something "almost as good" for less... Even if its not everything that you get with the $1500 nikon... My $240 tamron 28-75mm gives you a great deal of performance for what you pay ... Fast af, small size, decent build quality (especially if you are not a pro),  excellent center sharpness wide open, and good edge sharpness stopped down just a bit.

my point is that you can get something almost as good (depending on what you define as "almost as good") for a great deal less.... Now if you need that 24mm then yes, my lens is out of the picture....  I just don't think hobbiests will miss much getting say the tamron 24-70mm VC for 40-50% less...

for pros, of course size and price should matter much less so the nikon makes much more sense but if I had a fixed  and modest budget for all my gear , I'd have a hard time getting the Nikon... I mean I was able to get the d600 because I only spent 240 on my walk around vs 1000 for the Tammy 24-70 or 1400-1500 for the nikon.... Now if money is no object : ).      But I do think there are diminishing returns when you start getting up near and above $1000....

on another note... What print size does 100% of 24mp equate to? It's really huge, right?

hypercore360 wrote:

Yes, it (the Nikkor) is (that good) and worth every penny!!!

Just a general statement about 'you get what you pay for' - People should realize (by now) that you're not going to get something for nothing or rather less. It would be nice to get a Sigma, or a Tamron, or whatever that is as good (as the Nikon or the Zeiss or some 'other' high end lens) , or even almost as good, for much less money than the top of the line. How can you... I think this is especially true for high end-lenses. There's no way around it. I'm sure someone might find an exception, and there always is some exception, but it's rare. You pay top dollar for top quality.

You will get what you pay for with the Nikon. It not perfect, but nothing is.

Happy Shooting.

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