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Re: Voltaire in Candide - After Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz...

Roland, somebody wants to berate me with Voltaire, and Candide, one of my favorites? This thread is just loaded with trash about banding. The Classics are great, but Godel did some serious thinking.

I never said Sigma was perfect, just that the images had charm. Some people can't see it, some people don't care. If one feels the need to shoot at high ISO, and have black shadows, not blue, and have features like face detection, etc., there are many other camera choices. The general appeal of most other cameras seems to be that the images, when examined closely, are mushy. The pixels in those are told to make sure they got the information right by checking with other pixels nearby. Yes, its functional.

Do I visit the Forums for those other cameras and point how much nicer the Foveon sensor is, even considering its limitations? No, I do not. It seems to me as much a matter of good manners as anything else. I do not criticize someone's choice of equipment, or their preference in cameras or in images, because that would be rude.

And Roland, I am important. I bought a Sigma camera, was very happy using it, and plan on buying another. I do not have any doubts about my importance or my estimation of it.


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