RX100 in low light - best to keep at 28/1.8 and crop?

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Re: RX100 in low light - best to keep at 28/1.8 and crop?

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I just got my RX yesterday and started shooting with it in good light and the pics are fantastic. Last night I attend a Mardi Gras Ball and shot away, well the indoor low light pics are muddy with a few great ones all using the flash. Looks more like the Canon G15 and S110 that I had tried. I wish I had brought my Nex 5r along to compare. Today I will try a basketball game.


If you are shooting in A-mode in low light you might be getting a lot of shots at 1/30 shutter speed as that seems to be what the camera defaults to. You might have success by manually bumping up the ISO 1-2 stops to achieve a fast shutter speed. There are quite a few threads on the forums about this camera defaulting to 1/30 in low light and A-mode.

For a basketball game you won't freeze any action even with 1/100 sec. What you need to do it use S mode set at 1/250 sec maybe and Auto ISO capped at 3200 and see what you get. If you're photographing a time-out then you can drop the shutter speed to say 1/60 -1/80sec. Good luck.

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