Had he lived in the USA

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Re: Had he lived in the USA

Marcamera wrote:

We would be counting dead today. Many dead.

I'll take a crazy man with a knife over crazy man with a semi-automatic any day.



How about this instead.  Lets not accept either one.  All this story does is too prove that some people will use whatever tool is at their disposal.

Can we please, please, please stop this gun stuff.  If YOU buy a gun, and that gun sits in your bedroom, it will never move on its own, ever.  Something must make it move, something must make it fire, and that something is a HUMAN BEING.  Therefore, the human being is the problem, not the gun.  The same holds true for your story above.  That KNIFE has no brain, has no muscles, and has no thought process.  It would just lay there if left alone and not harm a sole.

The problem is very very simple, the human brain.

I own three guns, three.  They have never once fired upon another human being, and I hope they never have to.  But I own those guns, because quite frankly, I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect my family from those out there in this world whose intentions are to harm others.

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