Size: GRD IV + GV-2 vs X-E1

Started Jan 30, 2013 | Discussions thread
Joel Stern
Joel Stern Forum Pro • Posts: 10,925
Re: Size: GRD IV + GV-2 vs X-E1

I will never sell my GRD. I sent the X-E back for two reasons, maybe three.

1. Size with zoom

2. 35mm not available till probably spring '13

3. RAW support issues, although the jpegs are terrific and may makes needing RAW redundant. RAW is fine except with foliage to my eye.

Probably with thx 50mm it is fine for street (I don't shoot street, but I think still a tad large). The GRD is perfect for street and other uses but the small sensor is a disadvantage compared to the Fuji, but the size is a huge advantage. With my GRD I always feel RAW yields more and is necessary.

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