Worth keeping Nikon D300? Trade in?

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Re: Worth keeping Nikon D300? Trade in?

afoton wrote:

I will never trade in my D300. But that is because I have some need for it. And I don't think there will be a true replacement for it, ever (That was at least my conclusion when D7000 came with AI-compatibility).

But as a backup for a D3S, its not ideal. Without using it, the battery will probably be dead when you need it, and your wide angels isn't that wide anymore. But if the wide angels isn't any problem, and you take care of the batteries, it is a dirt cheap backup.

That's true... it is a dirt cheap backup. I have the grip, and a functional assortment of DX lens, and of course, can throw on the FX lens as needed. It was my main camera until 2.5 years ago when I acquired by D3s. With the D300, I remember it being significantly better than the old D200 which I sold off years ago. But with the D3s, I'm still amazed that I can shoot comfortably up to ISO6400 and even beyond and the quality is still so impressive. With the D300, I limit myself to ISO1600, and most of the time, ISO 1250 tops.

I've put the D300 up for sale as a package deal (camera, grip, extra battery, nice backpack) locally for a week now, but there hasn't been any interest, so the best I'm left with is to just trade it in. I'll get a few hundred bucks for the camera, but almost nothing for the grip - seems like such a waste. I suspect any novice photographer looking to move up would rather get a Nikon with the latest CMOS, higher res sensor (I know I would), and so the robustness of the D300 isn't quite as enticing.

I almost bought the D7000, and then considered the D800, and then the D600, but to be honest, none of them felt "quite right" as a true replacement for the D300. If I want a backup, I might just as well get another D3s or even a D4 and upgrade, except my shooting needs don't justify spending yet again that much money.

I guess dirt cheap backup is sort of where it stands at the moment...

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