EOS 6D - The "Rebel/XTi" of full frame?

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Re: EOS 6D - The "Rebel/XTi" of full frame?

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MisterBG wrote:

I'm a long time Canon user with quite a substantial "investment" in the EOS system. I currently use a 30D which I'm quite happy with, but I'm feeling I would like some improvements, particularly in the MP area, to allow more scope for cropping images, and also better noise levels.

For various reasons, I'm not very impressed with the current state of Canon's APS-C offerings, but the introduction of the 6D has got my attention, and I'm considering making the switch.
Although I have a couple of EF-S lenses, I also have a couple of L lenses that are suitable for full frame, and I'd be willing to give up the EF-S lenses.

My interests are landscape, architecture and low-light shooting, and the 6D looks like a good candidate on all those counts.

However, these days I'm on a limited income, so every penny counts.
I can't help thinking that the 6D could have been cheaper if Canon had chosen to leave off a few of the "bells and whistles" from the 6D, e.g. the WiFi and GPS, neither of which are essential as far as I'm concerned, and could be accommodated by external, optional, add-ons.

At present in the UK, the 6D (body) is around £200 more expensive than the Nikon D600, which is its obvious competitor. I know it's early days and the prices are likely to drop, but I can't help thinking that without GPS and WiFi that price differential could be wiped out.

What I'm also wondering is, are Canon likely to introduce a "Rebel/XTi" type of full frame body, with fewer toys than the 6D but the same IQ, or is the 6D the full-frame "Rebel"?

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The simple answer is NO. It is not a full frame rebel.

The original Rebel was FULL FRAME. So in reality the essence of the beginning of the Rebel line was based entirely on a somewhat compromised full frame camera. The only reason the Rebel line went to APS-C smaller sensors is due to the costs involved in the early days of digital sensors.

The 6D is more capable than the 5D2, making it the true successor to the 5D lineup. If anything, the 6D is a full frame 60D which is obvious by the similar one-handed focused control layout. For landscapes and general shooting that works best with Live View, the 60D is by far the best handling camera ever made for it, other than the smaller sensor.

The 6D is a close second for Live View handling controls, only held back by no tilting screen. If you need Live View to work its best, then there is no better Landscape camera than the 6D at this time. I owned a D800 and dumped it for a 6D because of this.

If you enjoy low light shooting and use Live View often with your Canon, avoid Nikon like the plague. It will drive you insane, especially with the heavily crippled Live View of the D600. You can't even change aperture in Live View with the damn thing. You must exit Live View, change settings, and then go back into Live View. Total waste of time.

Unless you mean the original Rebel was film, then, no, the original digital Rebel was a crop sensor camera.  In fact, every digital body Canon built up until the 1Ds were crops of one iteration or another.

Otherwise, I agree it's more of a 60D full frame than a Rebel, given it's control layout and I'll agree with your assessment of the utility of a swivel screen vis a vis Live View.

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