Sony NEX-3 any good?

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Re: Sony NEX-3 any good?

Helen wrote:

seppo123 wrote:

Just sent an offer to my local shop how much I had to pay if I exchanged my 30D for the NEX. (I'm not in US btw, so can't buy it from sears)

Also tested it out the other day.. Kind of feeling confused about it. The menus etc. seem really slow and laggy, the body feels quite fragile too. But I think the size and IQ is most important, and these the NEX does well.

Just so we're clear, is it a NEX-3, C3 or F3 that you are planning to buy? Thanks.

The NEX I tried was the newest F3 with the upgraded grip etc.

The one i'm considering to buy (and most likely will) is 14mp version (oldest I guess?) NEX-3.

I'm not considering the LEA-2 adapter because it's too expensive for me, i'm only casual shooter with a low budget. Looking for a beginner camera only..

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