So, today is CP+ show

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Re: So, today is CP+ show

N Desmond wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Toccata47 wrote:

N Desmond wrote:

After much hand wringing, I am 98% ready to commit to the GRD IV I have been testing. If I do, the GRD V will spontaneously appear on the Ricoh display this weekend.

I can't imagine they would be holding out for the final day when every other pentax/ricoh product was announced at the get go. If they hold true to their release cycle (as evidenced by the past two grd's) than the V should make an appearance near september. On the other hand, I doubt there's a less reliable way to predict a product release.

Looks like a good time to buy if you want a grd. I hasten to add that a new V won't make the IV any less "good" at what it does best since we are certain the V will use a different sensor (no longer in production) and we suspect it will be a very different camera altogether.

I never saw enough advantage in a GRDII over the GRD but the GRDIV is a reasonable advance, but only in the polish. But my GRDIII works fine. I have the GRDIII set up the way I like it but I don't know of a way to transfer the setup to another GRDIII/IV as you can with the GXR bodies.

If indeed the GRDV does take off on a different course from the GRDIII/IV I don't want the GRDIII to be my last GRD of it's type/genre. However I cannot think that Ricoh is about to pop a new model that is going to make the GRDIII/IV any less of a camera, perhaps just a different take on what the GRD experience is all about?

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Tom Caldwell

Is it just me, or is this forum difficult to post on using iPad? I am unable to go back and edit.

Anyway, I am smitten with the GRD IV and don't want to return it. I have been perplexed by the number of routes I could take when it comes to choosing a new camera, but I always seem to return to Ricoh and Pentax because I like how they feel in my hand, the controls and menus. I am the kind who sticks with their cameras for a long time, so this is a major decision for me. I probably should start another thread to get some feedback on options I have considered. I have some old manual lenses I would love to use.

The postings on this forum have been so helpful, and the members here quite civil. It is refreshing.

Sometimes it is hard to post on DPR with an iPad but editing has not been an issue for me.

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