Something wrong with my GH2's colour reproduction?

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Re: Something wrong with my GH2's colour reproduction?

MPerks wrote:

So, here's the thing. I've never been able to get very good colour straight from my GH2. On the left is a touched up pic from my GH2, matching what I actually look like/what every other camera seems to capture. On the right is the photo straight out of the GH2.


Standard: -2 everything.


Reds are skewed towards purple, which is disastrous for portraits as it makes people look like they have lipstick on. Notice the eyes also - the GH2 gives them a purple surround.

So, is this normal behaviour for a GH2? I've tried all film modes, and the same red-purple shift is present in all of them. Raw is no better. Could there be some model variation on this? Anyone willing to test theirs also?

Standard: -2 everything is your problem.

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