Death of the GXR project?

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Re: Death of the GXR project?

I agree the 'two camera modules per year' promise seems to have fallen by the wayside for 2012 (the A12 Zoom in 2012 as you mentioned being just the delayed second 2011 module after the Mount A12), but that could just be the disruption due to the Pentax acquisition.

We can actually see what is happening with one of their truly discontinued cameras with no apparent successor - the Pentax K-01 is totally absent at CP+ 2013.

But we're not seeing that situation with the GXR which even has its own wall column promotional poster at this show as well as the GRD, so that's a hopeful sign. Of course, if they actually have a GXR sucessor in the works (eg a MILC system) then unlike the K-01 quietly disappearing, it would make sense to keep promoting the current GXR at least until the new one's ready for release.

Edit: correction - not one but two GXR columns and displays. On th eother hand, no Ricoh CX or PX cameras on display, so its looking more like the Ricoh consumer compacts being discontinued rather than the more enthusiast models (so if the GXR continues, does that mean no new P10 module if there is no more CX to derive if from?)

pentaxforums. com/forums/pentax-news-rumors/213956-brief-report-cp.html

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