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A couple of thoughts.   first off, yes I still do prints.   Many prints.  Not only do I have a nice new (well, refurbished new) kick butt Epson printer, I still keep my wet darkroom alive and well, and i do prints there too.  In any medium, I have never been happy with the quality of prints I get back from commercial labs/print houses, so that's why I like to do my own.

Now to be blunt, maybe 1% of my shots end up as prints, but that is normal in some cases.  We produced a calendar here and for the 13 months we must of went through a thousand digital shots n the computer before we chose those final few.

What I personally am finding, because so many people are not making prints of any kind any more, the percieved value of prints, of a hard copy of a photograph, seems to be increasing.   I am speaking both artistically and commercially.   Anybody (and everybody) seems to whip out a smart phone or tablet anymore and say "here's my shots" - be it family baby photos to professional artists.   But pull out a print - any size, and I notice people take a lot longer to look at it.

You all do what you want to do, but in my situation, I am finding value in prints everyday.

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