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Re: Voltaire in Candide - After Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz...

JL Salvignol wrote:

'All's for the best, in the best of all possible worlds'

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No, the proper reply to Liebniz is Godel. As fond as I am of Voltaire, Candide was an amusing and persuasive illustration, but hardly an attempt at analysis.

The idea within Godel's theory is in the end that absolutes are impossible...

As Carne Ross notes in his blog;

The implications of Gödel's insight are profound, not only in proving the futility of the quest for a complete mathematical system, but also, to take his analysis a stage further, in demonstrating the impossibility of absolute truths - about anything.  For it follows from Gödel’s conclusion that if no formal system, such as mathematics, can be complete, how can anything else be? No absolute truth can be shown to be true.  There is always something else.

Gödel's intent, it seems, was not political though logicians like him and Russell knew that they were wrestling with some of the fundamental questions of human knowledge, questions that lie at the heart of all questions, including economics, politics and how we run the world.  But his incompleteness theorems nonetheless carry considerable political implications.  If there is no absolute complete and provable truth, we must contend with multiple claims for truth.  We must contend with - and accept - pluralism, thus demonstrating too the necessity of tolerance.

If someone dosen't understand (or cannot see) the charm of the Sigma images, or even of the cameras, the choices and alternatives are (ahem, almost) endless. People don't have to invent objections or try to persuade others that their views are misguided, they can just say they prefer, for example, a Pentax. It's not (deplorable) relativism. It's just reality.


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